phoenix sessions 003

I’m not normally this prolific, but after the release of Strange Thoughts my buddy Kent and I had the following IM exchange:

Kent: Strange Thoughts was exceptional. I mean, really really terrific — I was literally transported to a new realm of musical understanding. One question though… when are you going to get back to making party music? Me: Umm… right now?

For some reason I don’t have a log of the exact conversation, but my memory of the exchange is very clear and I’m confident Kent used those exact words.

In any case, building a rocking, danceable party mix came effortlessly. There’s literally a TON of phenomenal new music out there right now, and it was a joy to build a set with it. I also wanted to get this out fast, hence the tiny turnaround after Strange Thoughts.

Session 003 hits all my favourite places — soft, epic progressive house and trance tracks like Williams’ “Love on a Real Train” and Jody Wisternoff’s incredible remix of “Miami Nice”. After the first half, things really start to take off in the form of some funky house courtesy of Ministry of Funk. Then we slide into some glitchy, dirty electro funk before polishing it off with Peter Martin’s classic “Perfect Wave”. Enjoy.

  1. Arrival – Stoneface & Terminal
  2. Love On A Real Train (Version by Studio) – Williams
  3. Yes We Can – House Music United
  4. If You Should Go feat. Susana (Inpetto & Duderstadt Dub Mix) – Armin van Buuren
  5. Titans (Elias Tzikas Mix) – Kosmas Epsilon
  6. Give It Up/Reaction (Adam K, Soha & Alex Gold Remix) – Alex Gold
  7. Miami Nice (Jody Wisternoff Mix) – Astral Tiger
  8. Surin – Quivver
  9. Love On A Real Train (Williams Odyssey Mix) – Williams
  10. Pictures – Stoneface & Terminal
  11. Funky Nation – Ministry of Funk
  12. You Control Me – Lil Devious
  13. Word – Sebastien Leger & Chris Lake
  14. In The End (Mazzali & Orlandi Mix) – Fuzzy Hair & Rock Da World
  15. Bleep – Sandy W
  16. Perfect Wave – Peter Martin