Strange Thoughts

It’s a cliche — dance music and obscure science fiction samples go together like cake and frosting. But it’s an awesome cliche, because there’s something amazing about that little snippet of speech, taken out of context. And later — sometimes years later — you’re watching an old movie on TV, totally unexpected, and that line of dialogue weaves its way back into your consciousness in its original form. This happened to me a few months back watching The Thin Red Line. I think 90% of that movie has been sampled, mostly by UNKLE. (THX-1138 is another film where every 3rd line of dialog is familiar).

With that in mind, I wanted to create my own sample-laden mixset. The tone is darker and spacier, with less emphasis on the dancefloor and more attention paid to the headphones. There’s a bunch of futuristic dub, a bit of downtempo, and some killer progressive stuff in there. Enjoy.

  1. Serene – UNKLE
  2. Masato Eternity – System 7
  3. Bleed – Shiloh
  4. Obscure Hobbies – Pako & Fredrick
  5. Your Friends Are Scary – Younger Brother
  6. A Coffee Shop In Rotterdam – Alexander Robotnick
  7. Reckoner – Umut Gokcen vs Radiohead
  8. Indigo (Androcell Remix) – Tripswitch
  9. Fast Freeze – MyMy
  10. Itajai Vibes (Claes Rosen Remix) – Sultan, Ned Shepard & Maher Daniel
  11. 8000 – Extrawelt
  12. A Case In Point – Terry Lee Brown Jr.
  13. The Queen of All Everything – Ott