I suspect that for most fans of electronic music, there was a trigger song, band or album. It’s not like you hear this stuff on the radio — certainly not where I grew up in Calgary. College radio played hard-core techno on Friday nights, but to me it was (and remains) totally inaccessible.

My song was Orbital’s “Halcyon + On + On” from the Hackers soundtrack (at least, that’s where I heard it). I’d listened to a bit of other stuff, but that track blew my mind. I promptly went out and bought In Sides, and never looked back. Over the years, I collected every other Orbital album as well. Long before I dreamt of being a DJ, I imagined building new sounds out of “I Wish I Had a Duck”, from Snivilization. Layer upon layer of electro-squish and samples, Orbital created an imaginary world in the confines of that song.

Years later, I found myself searching for an opening track to complement Layo & Bushwacka!’s brilliant “Saudade”, and I reached for “I Wish I Had a Duck”. Orbital’s best work still resonates, and in a way this mix brings me full circle.

Sidenote: if you’re an Orbital fan, be sure to check out Paul Hartnoll’s solo album, “Ideal Condition”. Justifiably moving away from the core Orbital sound, he manages to find some brilliance in cinematic work and pop collaborations.


  1. I Wish I Had A Duck – Orbital
  2. Saudade (Remix) – Layo & Bushwacka!
  3. Rej (A Hundred Birds Remix) – Ame
  4. When I Listen 2 This Sound, feat. ZM (Alex Celler Mix) – Nikola Gala
  5. Builder (Kris Menace Re-Edit) – Eva
  6. Anime (Sequential Remix) – Hernan Cattaneo, John Tonks
  7. North American Scum (Kris Menace Remix) – LCD Soundsystem
  8. Affectation (Dousk Dub Electro) – Chris Nemmo & Andree Eskay
  9. One & Only – Jimmy van M & Nick Warren
  10. Tornado – Habersham
  11. Discopolis (A Hundred Birds Remix) – Lifelike & Kris Menace
  12. Tease – James Harcourt
  13. One Day (Spiritchaser Terrace Mix) – The Craftsmen