Mission Sessions 002

Since I posted part three first, it only makes sense to continue in reverse-chronological order. Part two cuts straight to the chase, delivering dance-able beats from the first track before diving into some funky house and then carrying through the progressive melodies to the 80th minute. Like the rest of the Mission Sessions sets, it’ll fit onto a single CD if you care to burn it.


  1. Espen – Along the Edge (Peter McCowan’s Heliobacter Mix)
  2. Suicide Sports Club – I Don’t Know (feat. Dead Rabbits) (King Unique Mix)
  3. Exhibit A – G Minor (Soul Avengerz Mix)
  4. Colder – To the Music (Instrumental)
  5. Kings of Leon – Milk (Stretch and Vern Edit)
  6. Big – A Promise (Dousk Vandalismic Mix)
  7. Def E & The Beginerz – Wipe Your Tears Away (Punkrok Remix)
  8. Junior Caldera – Black Mamba
  9. Robimon – Aquatic
  10. Sayes – Dolphin Ride
  11. Matt Rowan & Jaytech – Tomorrow
  12. Macca – I’d Rather Be Alone (Dub Mix)
  13. Espen – Along the Edge (Original Mix)